Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

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Pointed Beauty.  This silver handmade necklace features a rare pyrite stone.  this stone is encased in silver wire as it dangles from a simple, yet elegant silver chain.

*this necklace only includes first layer. Second chain sold separately*

Meaning of Pyrite Stone | Said to help one to communicate more openly and honestly. Provides both emotional and physical protection. Enhances self confidence.  Prevents forgetfulness.  Increases physical stamina, stimulates the mind and relieves depression.

Also said to balance hormonal rhythms and help ease menstrual pain. Reduces fevers when placed directly on the body.

Product SpecificationsChain measures about 20".  Stones are approx. .5" in length

What You Need To Know | Handle this beautiful, little piece of nature with care. To prolong wear, refrain from bathing/swimming while wearing. Please keep in mind that handmade items may occasionally exhibit minor flaws or imperfections.