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Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Silver Metalsmith Ring - Size 8.5

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  • Size: 8.5 US
  • Materials: Lapis Lazuli, Metal
  • Gem color: Blue, Gold
  • Band color: Silver

Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Meaning: Increases psychic abilities, promotes communication with the Higher Self and one's spirit guides; helps attract a better job; banish confusion

Lapis Lazuli Holistic Use: Promotes general healing and physical strength; aids healing of female issues such as childbirth, menopause, etc. Dispels Depression

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Element: Water

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune

Zodiac: Sagittarius 

*Gemstone and Crystal information is drawn from historical and traditional folklore uses. Meanings and uses are provided for reference and inspiration only.  It is not to be considered a prescription or healthcare information.