Gold Wire Wrap Granite Gemstone Necklace

Gold Wire Wrap Granite Gemstone Necklace

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  • Gold 20in. Chain with Push Pin Clasp
  • Granite Mineral Stone Wrapped in Gold Twisted Wire

Granite Spiritual Meaning: Granite to be a “stone of protection” with sacred and magical qualities. Granite enables one to see the difference between the ideas of beliefs and the state of “knowing.” Granite facilitates and maintains the balance in relationships and with cooperative groups. Granite supports discretion and diplomacy. Granite is also a stone of abundance as it assists with bringing an increase flow of money to the user. (information found at


Granite Holstic Use: Used for sound healing. May be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the hair, face, and head. Granite may also be helpful in the healing of rickets, rheumatism and issues related to infertility.

Chakra: Root, Third Eye, & Crown

Element: Earth

Planet: Earth

Zodiac:  Libra

*Handmade with Love in Nashville, TN. Please handle with care. All products are made by hand and are uniquely one of a kind. Do not wear while swimming or bathing to preserve its beauty

*Gemstone and Crystal information is drawn from historical and traditional folklore uses. Meanings and uses are provided for reference and inspiration only.  It is not to be considered a prescription or healthcare information.