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Silver Fuschite Choker Necklace

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  • Fuchsite Mineral Stone Wire Wrapped in Silver Twisted Wire
  • Silver Choker Chain with Chain Extender

Fuchsite Spiritual Meaning: Promotes peaceful relaxation and creative, positive thoughts. Good luck charm. Manifests Happiness, Joy and Miracles. Helps us to see and accept the flaws in humanity while still allowing us to feel love and compassion

Fuchsite Holstic Use: Used to find the root cause of disease and to connect with the earth elementals. Lifts the spirits, balances, boosts the immune system, and is particularly helpful in treating skin conditions.

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye

Element: Air & Water

Planet: Venus

Zodiac:  Libra, Aquarius 

*Handmade with Love in Nashville, TN. Please handle with care. All products are made by hand and are uniquely one of a kind. Do not wear while swimming or bathing to preserve its beauty

*Gemstone and Crystal information is drawn from historical and traditional folklore uses. Meanings and uses are provided for reference and inspiration only.  It is not to be considered a prescription or healthcare information.