About The Tipsy Hippy

Owner + Jewelry Designer

Tipsy Hippy Jewelry Designer
Hi! I'm Karley - the Creative Artist + Designer of all things Tipsy Hippy. I create handmade, modern bohemian jewelry to inspire women and men to embrace their individuality while wearing unique accessories.
The jewels at Tipsy Hippy Boutique are one-of-a-kind and effortlessly beautiful. Each masterpiece tells it's own story and crafted to embrace every beautiful imperfection.
Wire Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces

Start Somewhere - The Journey Behind the Gemstones

Born and raised in Alabama with a career in Marketing, I never imagined I would be crafting and selling handmade jewelry. Moving to Tennessee in 2014 to start my career in sales, left me feeling that I needed more outside of work. So in 2015, The Tipsy Hippy started as a simple hobby for a girl who needed a fun, creative outlet.

The boutique initially only carried wired-wrapped statement necklaces. Fast forward to today, The Tipsy Hippy has evolved into a boutique that offers a wide-range of eye-catching accessories that include necklaces, earrings and bracelets now based in Tampa, FL.

Jewelry making has easily became a therapeutic and motivating journey that is constantly evolving. My inspiration comes from my love of textures and one of a kind items. I love the feeling of having a special jewelry piece made uniquely, with love - just for me.

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xo - Karley